10 Makeup Tips and Tricks


10 Makeup tips and tricks

I love learning new makeup tips and tricks and now I am sharing them with you ……

I am no professional and I don’t have drawers full of makeup but I do love learning new tricks on how to use or make my makeup last longer.  Here are 10 tricks that I hope will come in handy for you.

1. Some of you ladies may have amazing eyelashes that curl naturally and some of us need to use a eyelash curler.  If you heat up the curler for a few seconds, you will get a better curl effect.

2. Do you use blotting sheets? Next time your in Starbucks, grab a few napkins and leave them in your car or purse.  They are great for blotting!

3. Not sure how far down to apply your blush? I usually smile and use the ball of my cheek and start there.  Another way is to take two fingers and place it next to your nose.  This will be your guide

4. Ran out of blush? You can use your favorite lipstick.  Don’t apply to much and blend, blend, blend

5. If your looking for a way to make your lips look thicker, use lip gloss instead of lipstick.

6. Ladies if you have small lips you should be using lighter shades, If you have fuller lips you should wear darker shades

7. Reuse your mascara wands as eyebrow combs.  Make sure to clean them good with makeup remover first

8.  Hate putting on mascara because it gets on your skin sometimes? Place a plastic spoon under your lashes then apply your mascara. It also helps with getting a thicker coat.  You can use a business card too

9. Did you know that pumping your mascara wand in and out dries it out faster? If you notice your mascara getting clumpy or dry, add a drop or two of Visine into the bottle and move it around with the wand.  This will soften it up and make your mascara new again.

Tip: Mascara doesn’t have a long life so about every 3-4 months you should buy a new one

10. Before you apply lipstick, you should give your lips a scrub. (dry lips showing through your lipstick is not cute) You can make a quick scrub with sugar and olive oil or use a toothbrush and give it a nice scrub

Do you have any tricks you use when it comes to makeup?  Let us know in the comment section