10 Organizing Projects While Watching TV

Ten organizing project while watching TV

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get things organized while you watch TV?

Now you can be productive and have fun doing it :) I know I get behind on my TV shows very quickly. Then I feel like there is never enough time to play catch up, you know, with the kids hogging up the TV and all.

Today I am going to show you how you can be productive while catching up on those shows you love!

Let’s get started….

1. Clean out your purse

2. Check your emails while the commercials are on. Boy do those emails add up!!

3.  Pull out that bin of missing/ no match socks.  I have a bin that I hold all the socks that don’t have a match. Then when the bin gets full, I go through it and put the matching socks back together

4. Go through mail and magazines This is a good time to go through all your magazines and toss the ones you don’t want. You can go through your mail and toss the junk mail and sort the rest

5. Get your shred on! Have a pile of papers that need to be shredded? This is a good time to do that

6. Meal Planning Plan out your breakfast, Lunch and dinner meals for the upcoming week

7.  Sew If you have any sewing that needs to be done, this is a good time to do it. Maybe something has a hole or a button fell off.  Simple sewing projects are great to work on during this time

8. Laundry You can fold and sort your laundry

9. Coupons You can cut and organize your coupons. Just make sure you have your trash bin near you

10. Cards/Planner You can write out your holiday, birthday or Thank You cards. If you use a planner, this is a good time to plan your To Do list for the next day.

Share with me your ideas in the comment section below!