4 Places You Should Never Use Debit Cards

I am guilty for all 4 spots I shouldn’t use my debit card.  What about you?…….

The 4 places NBC says you should never use your debit card when purchasing things.

#1.  Gas Station – This a favorite spot for criminals that try and get your info through skimming devices. They can get your info from the magnetic strip.

#2.  Restaurants – You never know what they do when they take your card to the back of the store. They can swipe or write down your card number.

#3.  Grocery Stores – They say to use cash when possible or for smaller transactions

#4.  Online

I recently found a new hair dresser a couple of weeks ago and he gave me some very good tips that I will share with you

#1. Never write the tip in the receipt!

They can always add a number and being that you already signed for it, it will go through. You should put an “X” in the tips and total lines. The total is already on the receipt and they can’t change that.

#2. Never double swipe at the gas station!

Ever swiped your card at the gas station and then it says to swipe again? Well that is not a good idea. He says if that happens you should get in your car and use another pump.

#3. Never check your bank accounts on your phone in public places!

How many of us are in a mall or store and check our accounts using our smartphones? I am guilty of this too. You have cameras all over the place that can zoom in and see what you are doing, see your usernames and passwords etc.

My daughter told me that in a store she used to work for, they would zoom in on the card that is being used to make sure it was the employees card and not someone else’s card. They are very strict with their employee discounts..Lol If they do that at the cashier, why not anyone else.

Hope these tips and video helps you be more aware of what is going on and you can make changes you choose to for the future.