Coupon Binder Organization

coupon binder organization

We are talking about coupon binders and how I keep mine organized….

I have been extreme couponing for over 4 years now and I have saved a ton of money.  It is truly a blessing to do this and sometimes a necessity. For whatever reason you will not be disappointed with the amount of money you will save.

I was spending, on average $220. on grocery and household items before I started using coupons.  Since extreme couponing and building my stockpile, I was doing on average $40 a week on grocery and household items for a family of 5.

The key to couponing is creating a stockpile where you can get free to extremely cheap items. Then stock-up on that item for at least 3-4 months so you won’t have to pay full price again.

I have used so many systems in my four years. When I decide to go extreme I upgraded to a coupon binder and I have loved it. I still use this system till this day.

coupon binder organization

My coupon binder is a plain black, 5 inch, 3 ring binder. I use sheet protectors and baseball card inserts to hold my coupons.


I have a lot of labels in my binder. I just find it easy to separate categories as much as I can. It makes it easy for me to find coupons when I am in the store.

Labels I use:

coupon binder organization

1. Publix – I usually get 10-15 coupon booklets and separate each like sheet together. Then place all the same sheets in its own sheet protector. That way I have all the same coupons in one spot and I don’t have to go through each book to find a coupon when I am making my list or in the store

2. Target – I usually go to and see what coupons they are offering. I print them out, cut them and add them in a baseball card sheet.  They have Target coupons in the Sunday paper sometimes too.

3. Baking – aluminum foil, cake/muffin mixes, frosting, etc

4. Beverages

5. Boxed Items – Pasta, rice, mac n cheese etc

6. Breakfast Items – oatmeal, syrups, pancake mix, breakfast bars, bread, cereal etc

7. Canned Items – Anything in a can basically

8. Cleaning – Detergents, softeners, fabric sheets, dishwasher items, cleaning products etc

9. Condiments – Hot sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, spaghetti sauces, dressings, pickles etc

10. Dairy – Cheese, eggs, milk, sour cream etc

11. Hair Care – Shampoo, Conditioner, styling products etc

12. Frozen – Anything you will find in your freezer section at the supermarket

13. Meats – deli meat, chicken, hot dogs, sausages etc

14. Medicine 

15. Oral Care – Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash etc

16. Personal- Body wash, deodorant, body spray, lotion, hand soap etc

17. Pets

18. Snacks – Chips, cookies, cakes, ice cream etc

19. Shaving – razors, shaving cream/gels etc

20. Makeup

21. Air Fresheners – I have in here candles, sprays, and candle warmers etc

22. Paper Goods – This is where I hold my paper towels, tissue paper, disposable plates, cup, napkins etc.

23. Restaurant – You get a lot of coupons for restaurants in your Sunday Paper. I usually keep them in this section so if we randomly stop to eat out, I have them and know where they are.

coupon binder organization

In the front pockets of the binder I just hold the flyers for that week. These are good to have on you just in case you want to price match an item at Walmart :)


The back pockets hold coupons from other places I shop at like Michael’s, Joann’s, Bath & Body Works, Staples etc


I carry everything I may need for couponing in this bag. I also have a pencil pouch that holds scissors, pens, pencils, sharpie marker, highlighter, post-it notes and paper clips.


I have a group of wonderful girls that I meet up with. We talk coupons/deals, laugh, share coupons, figure out the best deals, clip and organize our coupons. After all that, we go out and shop! We have a train of carts with open coupon binders looking for those deals. This is great because it makes the process that much nicer and fun.  Not to mention they don’t get tired of hearing about deals and couponing :)

When I do cut my coupons at home (alone) I do it watching TV while the kids are in school. That way I am not being distracted.  Depending on the coupons that came out that week (1, 2 or 3 inserts) I can spend anywhere from 45 minutes to two hrs cutting, sorting and organizing.

I hope you all enjoyed how I organize my coupon binder and maybe I inspired you to go out and save a little money too. Like I said I do extreme coupon so you can do this same method on a smaller scale.

If you already use coupons, I would like to know how you organize your coupons?

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