DIY Woven Basket

Learn how to create your own DIY woven basket out of a cardboard box……

Have you seen the prices on some of those beautiful woven basket? They can cost a pretty penny at some stores but today Do It On A Dime is showing us how easy it is to make on our own.  She is using a diaper box but you can use any cardboard box you have laying around the house. You will also need some Jute Cord and glue.  This can be found in a craft store or maybe even at Walmart or Target in the craft sections.  You can use a label to mark the outside and give it a little pop or you can leave it just the way it is. You can find labels pretty much anywhere nowadays. I usually get mine from Target or Michael’s.

Checkout the video to see how cute it looks when it’s done and how she organized it on the shelf. Go and checkout her other videos on her YouTube channel.