Dollar Shave Club Review


I have decided to take the plunge and order a monthly subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. I will be sharing with you what I ordered, cost, and my first impressions. Let’s get started….

I don’t know about you but razors and the refills are so expensive nowadays. I think you need a separate income to just support your shaving habits or you can walk around like a wolf. I choose smooth , silky, hairless legs, Thank You!

I spend on average $30 a month on razors and razor refills for me and my family. I’m sure some of you can relate to this madness. My initial thought of the Dollar Shave Club monthly subscription was “Those razors must suck”. At the price they were offering their subscription and no commitment to continue service, I decided to try it out. What did I have to lose? I ordered, it came, and I was pretty excited to try them out.


This is the kit I ordered and received at my front door. It is the 4X set which was closest to the razor that I am currently using right now. The process was easy and quick. The delivery was even faster.  I was impressed at how fast they came. The package was small and everything was packed nicely in the box. It came with a manual, razor handle, four cartridges, and a sample of shave butter.

There are 3 options you can choose from:

*The Humble Twin which has 2 blades and will cost $1 per month plus $2 shipping & handling. You will receive 5 cartridges in the mail every month.

*The 4X which has 4 blades and will cost $6 per month. Free shipping & handling. You will receive 4 cartridges in the mail every month.

*The Executive has 6 blades and will cost $9 per month. Free shipping & handling. You will receive 4 cartridges in the mail every month.


The razor refills came in this little holder and my first thoughts were “Wow, these razors don’t look crappy at all”. They are really good quality and they locked in very good to its handle. Better then the ones I use now. I have a habit of dropping my razor in the shower and the razor head would fly right off. I tried dropping this 4X razor (on purpose) and it didn’t fall apart. Then I tried it again because I thought, bullshit. Nope, it stood together. I was impressed!



The handle was really nice quality too. The locking mechanism was great and it has rubber all around for a better grip. I am a sucker for white so this made me happy. I have been using this razor for almost 3 weeks now and I am loving it. I’ve tried shaving with regular soap and shaving creme just to see if there is a difference but there wasn’t. They both left my legs feeling smooth and silky. The 4X razor was very easy to maneuver around all the curves with no problem. It even gave me a great shave around my bikini lines and underarms.

Ladies, I highly recommend The Dollar Shave Club! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed and your husband will be happy that you’re saving so much money now.

Disclaimer: I purchased this Dollar Shave Club kit with my own money. This review is my honest opinion. Links above do have a referral code.


  • Jezabel Cardona

    I love them and they are really good quality