Dollar Tree Haul Plus Review

Dollar Tree haul plus review

I have a huge Dollar tree haul plus review of some products that I have repurchased several times. 

As you know, I love shopping at the Dollar Tree for pretty much everything. The entire store is no more then $1.00 so I don’t mind testing out products and reviewing them for all of you. I have tried many products in the Dollar Tree store, some hits and some misses.  Let’s get started…

Facial Products:

dollar tree haul plus review dollar tree haul plus review



We are all skeptical when it comes to products like these. How good can they possibly be if they are being sold at the Dollar Tree? I am the same way but after reading the labels and saw that they all had 2% salicylic acid (the same amount as my brand name cleanser) I had to give them a try. They did have other products in this brand that had very little salicylic acid and I didn’t purchase those.

Acne Free Clear Skin Treatments ~ I am currently using the last bottle, in orange, on the right. This is a “ACNE FREE” product that is currently being sold online in Amazon (and other places) for $6.00 and the 3-piece set is selling for $25.60. I also read the many reviews they have and people are raving about this product. I have been using this one product for about a week and I am loving it. It says to use it twice a day but I am only using it at night before I go to sleep. It doesn’t dry out my skin and haven’t had any allergic reactions to this product. I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. I do recommend this product and if your in a Dollar Tree store, STOCK UP!

Tea Tree Oil Foot Lotion & Scrub ~ I have not use the Tea Tree Ol foot scrub and lotion. It smells very good and you can smell the Tea Tree oil inside. I am very excited about using this product.

SKINnutritions 1-2-3 system ~ The other items are the 3-piece SKINnutritions 1-2-3 system. This product is also selling online for $15.00 the whole set. I have not tried this system out yet but $3 for the whole set, why not?

Misc Items:

dollar tree haul plus review


Batteries ~ I always purchase this brand of batteries for my kids video game controllers and beats headphones. I usually purchase 2 of each “AA” and “AAA” batteries and they last about two weeks before I have to repurchase again. Now for the summer time they tend to play video games a lot more. This is just to give you an idea of how quickly they need to be replaced. During school time they last a lot longer.

Socks ~ OMG!!!  Totally love these socks! The are soft and good quality. They last after tons of washing and they are thin (I don’t like thick socks) I highly recommend getting these!!

Erasable Blackboard Labels ~ These labels are new to the Dollar Tree and can be located in the school supplies section. I love labeling and these are all the rage right now. I have some labels that I purchased from Target and these $1.00 labels are just as great.  I just updated my pantry using these labels. They are great and I highly recommend them! Stock up if you see them in your Dollar Tree because they can be used for so many different things.

Ipad protector ~ Can you say perfect timing? I found these Ipad protectors in “matte” and “glossy” finish in the electronics section. I purchased the glossy finish and have no issues with it.  I also heard from someone who worked there that if you ask them to put it on for you, they will. If they mess it up or put it on wrong they have to get another one and reapply it for no extra cost. I didn’t know this till after I was home so just an FYI. Check and see if your store offers this option.

Pens ~  I have never had an issue with their pens, pencils and highlighters. I purchase cute ones all the time.

Kitchen Items:

dollar tree haul plus review


Home Store Multi Surface Wipes ~ This is the first time purchasing these wipes and I am loving them. They are nice and thick. I tried pulling them apart and they are good quality. They have a nice scent that lingers and you can smell the alcohol inside. I used them on my counters and dining room table and they worked great!

Home Store Stainless Steel cleaning wipes ~ This is the first time I used this product as well. It comes with 6 individual packaged wipes. It says one wipe can be used for up to 3 total stainless steel appliances. I used a total of 3 wipes for my refrigerator, stove, toaster, dish washer and sink.

You don’t need to pre-wipe your appliances and it has a polish on the wipes that tends to be greasy after using. I tried to let it all dry to see if it would stay greasy and it didn’t. After drying over night, I was able to touch the appliances without having my fingers greasy.

I recommend using these wipes at night after everyone is asleep. I do have kids and a 1 year old that leaves finger prints and dirt on my fridge. It has been 3 days and I haven’t had to clean the fridge again so I say this product gets a thumbs up from me.

Scrubbing Bubbles 2-1 kitchen & Dish cloth ~ I haven’t used this product yet but it is very strong and the scrub side is not harsh but definitely strong enough to remove dirt off counters. This is a Scrubbing Bubbles and Libman product so you know they are great products. I love this brand and I use their brand mop.

Baskets ~ I Love, Love, Love these baskets! I purchased them to organize under my kitchen sink  (Click the link to see that post) and they are sturdy and a nice size. I just found them again (they been gone for months) and I had to purchase more. I just re-organized my pantry using these baskets and labeled them with the blackboard erasable labels I talked about earlier. They come in a bunch of different colors too.

Scrub Buddies Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge ~ These are the only sponges I use from the Dollar Tree. They don’t rip apart and last a long time.

Straws & Fork picks ~ These are just basic items.

Bathroom Items:

dollar tree haul plus review


Home Store Bath Tissue ~  I like buying this bath tissue for my home. It is great quality and you don’t need to use much. Its nice and thick but soft and doesn’t leave lint on your body after you use it like some other ones do.

Yardley Bar Soap ~ This soap smells amazing! I purchased the “English lavender” which is a very relaxing scent for night time. I also purchased the ” Shea Buttermilk” OMG…This smells amazing!! Both scents are awesome, they are really big bars of soap but they tend to get mushy if left in the water. If you keep it in a dry spot you should be good.

Q-Tips ~ I like this brand of Q-Tips. I purchase the paper sticks not the plastic sticks. The paper ones are nice and strong and won’t bend when you use them. They have a good amount of cotton on the tips so your not going to feel the sticks and scratch the inside of your ear. These are just as good as the name brand ones

Cotton Rounds ~ I use these to apply my toner and sometimes to remove my nail polish. They are strong and don’t fall apart after they get wet. They don’t fall apart when your rubbing them trying to remove glitter nail polish either. Now you know these are good.

Nola Hand Soap ~ This hand soap smells amazing and the packaging is gorgeous. I do have to use about 3 pumps to get a nice lather when I’m washing my hands but I do love this hand soap. They also offer a body wash but I am not a fan.

Creamy Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly Lotion ~ I Love, Love, Love this lotion! It smells like chocolate cocoa butter and goes on just like a lotion. It is not greasy even though it is a petroleum jelly base. I keep one in my car and purse because they are on the smaller size. I highly recommend this product!

Shower Liner ~ You have to make sure you get the “vinyl” shower liner when purchasing these. The vinyl one is stronger and last longer. They have another one that doesn’t say vinyl that is very thin and flimsy. Make sure to pay attention if your going to purchase these. I use them in my kids bathtub.

Men’s Body Wash ~ This is the first time purchasing this brand. I couldn’t see the consistency of the body wash but it does have a nice manly smell. My youngest son loves using body washes and is a big fan of the “Cool Wave” White Rose version also found in the Dollar Tree.

Baby/Children’s Items and Food Items:

dollar tree haul plus review dollar tree haul plus review



Pampers Baby Wipes ~ The baby section is really stepping up their game. I like having these Pampers baby wipes in my bag. They are great for everything. I use them to clean the table or chairs in the Mall’s Food Court.

Boogie Wipes ~ I haven’t used these before. They seem pretty similar to the pampers baby wipes except they are thinner and have an amazing grape scent to them. I tried them on my 1 year old and he tried to eat them…lol but he let me wipe his nose with no problem. Guess they do work :)

Pedia Care Fever Reducer & Triaminic Cold & Allergy ~ These are brand items and so you know they are great products. For $1.00, can you say score?

Baby shampoo and body wash ~ They did offer a lavender scent if your interested. I like these products. They lather up really well and leave a great scent on the baby.

Food Items ~ My Dollar Tree offers a ton of brand food items. We like to stock up on snacks that we take to the movie theater. You can find some really good stuff in this section. I did buy a bunch of brand name chips. They didn’t make it to the picture though. Gotta love teenagers!

I did bring my boys with me on this trip and there was a lot more stuff that they threw inside the cart like camouflage duct tape and laser beam key chain to name a few. You know how it is when kids tag along, $20 shopping trip turns into $60.

dollar tree haul plus review Yes it was a very fun day shopping at the Dollar Tree with these boys :) but a very expensive one too!


  • Nana Latina

    This is one of my favorite places to shop for special items. We use mainly plastic utensils, cups and plates. We do get the plates form Walmart but everthing else is from here. I also enjoy going isle by isle. You never know what is new there.

  • Kake1977

    Oh my gosh, let me tell you – I LOVE Dollar Tree. It is amazing how good their products have improved over the last several years. Seven years ago, Dollar Tree was a place for party supplies, and maybe a few cleaning products; everything else there was questionable. Today, it is like a whole new store.

    I myself am a man, and I have begun using the Spa-Haus Legend Body Wash (it’s in a red bottle) – it reminds me of Old Spice Body Wash, and the Spa-Haus Tee Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use their Assured brand tooth brushes, Aim Tooth Paste, Dermasil Lotion (this used to be almost $4.00 at Walmart), Their Perfect Purity Hair Mouse, the LA Looks hair gel, and the Lavoris mouth wash. I have also switched to using their Assured brand first aid, and medicines like aspirin, cold medicine, decongestant, bandages, salves and ointments, and cough syrup – and have never had a complaint, they work just like name brands and more expensive store brands.

    I also buy quite a few food items there too. I love their tortilla chips, the Campbell’s Salsa, and their nacho cheese dips. They also have a lot of frozen fruits and veggies in the freezer section – and they are surprisingly good quality.

    I could go on and on, but I will wrap this up. I just cannot believe how many good buys they have. I literally do the bulk of my shopping there today. About the only things I need from a regular grocery store are fresh produce, eggs, cheese, meat, and bread. For all the skeptics out there, I encourage you to check out your local Dollar Tree, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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