Guest Bathroom Organization

guest bathroom organization Let’s talk about guest bathroom organization and I will give you a peek on how I organize mine…..I gave you a tour of my newly made over guest bathroom and today I am going to show you how I keep it organized. My guest bathroom is just that, my guest bathroom.  I like to keep in there anything they may need at any given time. This may include my guest that sleep over or just come to visit for a couple of hours. I do not use this bathroom as extra storage either. I like to keep this bathroom as nice and presentable as possible. 20140812_173226 This is what it looks like when you open both doors of the cabinet. I found these stackable bins and the bin in the middle at the Dollar Tree. Yes they are two different color greens but they didn’t have the same green when I went back. If you don’t find the color you want you can always spray paint them to your desired color. With my label maker I marked all the bins with the content that are inside. On the left side of the cabinet we have all our first aide items. The top is antiseptics which contains rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes, peroxide, witch hazel etc. The middle bin holds ointments and tools. This bin contains items such as thermometer, tweezers, scissors, antibacterial ointment, A&D ointment etc. The  lower bin contains bandages and tape. The bin in the middle holds extra rolls of toilet tissue, feminine products ( samples I get in the mail), extra light bulbs and small trash bags. The stackable bins on the right side of the cabinet holds sample or travel sized everyday items. The top bin is for the hair.  This bin contains items such as shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, hair ties etc. The middle bin is for the body. This contains items such as body lotion, body wash, perfumes etc. The bottom bin is for Misc items such as extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, q-tips etc. 20140812_173415   20140812_173433   The medicine cabinet is also organized and stacked with the guest in mind. 20140812_173156   The top shelf holds medicines. I keep these on the top shelf so the younger kids can’t reach. I have children’s allergy medicine, fever meds, chest rubs, tiger balm (staple in my home cause of all the athletic men) petroleum jelly and baby powder. Has anyone had a child get into the powder or petroleum jelly before? Not fun at all!! That is why all these items are up high. These items are always changing depending on who is coming and what their needs are. I like for my guest to feel at home when they are here. Hope you guys enjoyed my little organization setup and gave you some ideas and tips to take with you to your home. I love reading your comments so come chat with me. XOXO, Michelle :)