Halloween Bats & Ghost



We are getting into the Halloween spirit here on TinyTipsByMichelle and today I’m sharing a fun DIY project. This Halloween Bats & Ghost project is great for the little ones. So, if you’re interested then let’s get started….

This DIY project is great for the little ones because it doesn’t involve to much work. It’s very simple and the results will have the kids excited to hang their bats and ghost all around the house. I’m sharing with you two different projects today. This can be a fun craft for the kids to do at a Halloween party too. Remember to write their names on the back :)

Let’s start off with the cute bat …..



Materials Needed:

* Egg carton

* Black Paint

* Paint brush

* Googly eyes

* Hot glue gun

* Halloween ribbon

* Kid’s scissors


1. Cut out three egg spots and remove the bottom. Try and cut into a shape that will have the two ends look like bat wings. Parents, you will probably want to do this section if your children are young and supervise the older children when cutting.

2. Have the kids paint the egg carton with black paint. You may need two coats of black paint depending on the paint you use. Let dry.

3. After the black paint is fully dried, you want to have the children glue on the googly eyes. ┬áParents, this part is the best because you will get crooked eyes and silly looking bats. Don’t straighten the eyes when they’re done.

4. Glue on the Halloween ribbon to the top of the egg carton and let dry before hanging up.

Then you’re done!!

Now it’s time to make the scary ghost…



Materials Needed:

* Fake leaves ( purchase from Michael’s, Dollar Tree or Walmart)

* White paint

* Paint brush

* Black marker

* Hot glue

* Halloween ribbon


1. Paint the leaves with white paint. You may need to do two coats. Let dry.

2. Use your black marker to make the eyes and mouth.

3. Glue on the Halloween ribbon to the back of the leaves. Let dry before hanging.

Via, Happyclippings.com