Home Office: Filing Organization

Home Office Filing Organization


I’m excited to finally get my home office filing organization system done. It’s been a couple of months but it’s finally done. Come check it out….

I would of showed a “before” picture but I was just to embarrassed. Yes! It was that bad considering I like everything clean and organized. Sometimes I just wish I can look at a room and blink it all organized. A girl can wish :)

The items I used to get this office organized are:



My favorite label machine DYMO LetraTag You can find the link here if interested –> DYMO 1733013 LetraTag LT-100T Plus Handheld Personal Label Maker

Home Office Filing Organization


I used the Staples brand 5- tab reinforced hanging folders and the 3 -tab file folders in matching colors to hanging files.  I love the bright colors that come in this pack. It makes me enjoy my office more.

You can find the link to these here –> 5-tab hanging folders  and the 3-tab file folders  

I used (1) 100 count box of the 3 tab file folders and (4) boxes of the 5-tab hanging folders. 

Home Office Filing Organization


My file cabinet is very old and was purchased from a friend for $200. It came with a matching L-shaped desk. Have to love getting a great deal!!

Home Office Filing Organization


The way I am organizing my files are similar to the freedom filers method. I just made it work for me and is not exactly the same way.


Home Office Filing Organization


We are using the color coded system method. I start with the red (it’s just facing backwards for security reasons) for my most used section, green, purple, yellow and blue.

Red Files: Monthly Bills & Bank Accounts

* 1 file for each month (Jan-Dec)

* 1 file for each bill (ex: Water bill, Electric bill, Cable, Cell phone etc.)

* 1 file for each bank account you own

* 1 file for “Paid Off” bills. (Ex: a loan or debt that has been paid off to zero)

* 1 file for each credit card accounts

* 1 file for each loan you owe (Ex: Car loan, Motorcycle loan etc)

Any bill that you have to pay every month should have a file in here

Green Files: Income & Taxes

* 1 file for each job for each person.

* 1 file for each years taxes. (I have the last 7 years)

* 1 file for each person retirement account (Ex: 401K, Roth IRA’s, Profit sharing plans, Payroll Deduction IRA’s etc)

* 1  file for each Donations, Travel expenses, Office Expenses etc.

* 1 file for Property Taxes

Purple Files: Pets & Medical  

* 1 file for each Medical, Vision, Dental and Prescriptions

* 1 file for each pet

* 1 file for each person living in the home.

Yellow Files: Home & Auto

* 1 file for your current home (if you have more then 1, make a file for each one)

* 1 file for Home Owner’s Association

* 1 file for  each Policy

* 1 file for each car/ motorcycle you own

* 1 file for each Contractor (Ex: Pool Service, Lawn Treatments, etc)

Blue Files: School & Other

* 1 file for each school (kids and adults)

* 1 file for each membership your in (Ex: Gym, Music class, Season passes to Theme Parks, Museums etc)


The bottom file cabinet holds older files in the same color coded system. I use the same folder but these are “expandable” to hold a lot more in one file.