How I Create Floral Arrangements for My Home

Floral Arrangements

Today, I am sharing with you how I create floral arrangements for my home. I have a slight addiction to fresh flowers.  I love the way they smell and how they make the room feel when you walk inside. 

Many people think that fresh flowers can be expensive. This may be true but you will be surprised how many floral arrangements you can make with just one bouquet of flowers. A dozen of roses can create 3 floral arrangements that can go across your kitchen island. You can also mix and match your bouquets like I did in my dining room.


I mixed hydrangeas and lilies together.  The lilies are still closed but when they bloom, they’re going to look amazing. I wanted a very dramatic look for the dining room and I can’t wait for a couple of days to pass so I can see want I imagined in my head to show.


Here is a top view of the lilies. They are all closed :(


I spend a lot of time in my bathroom, so of course making it look beautiful is a must.  When you wake up in the morning, eyes half opened, and you see a beautiful bouquet of roses on the counter your whole attitude changes.  It makes you happy. It puts a smile on your face. You’re excited about applying your make-up and starting your day.  Trust me Ladies, it really does change your mood. Having a nice clean counter doesn’t hurt either :)



Next time you’re out shopping, grab yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Don’t wait for a holiday or a special occasion. Don’t wait for your boyfriend, husband or significant other to purchase them for you. Go grab yourself some.

Every time I’m in the supermarket or Trader Joe’s I have to snag me at least one bouquet. Sometimes I get in the mood and purchase several to create small to dramatic bouquets for my home.  There are so many colors and flowers to choose from. Be creative, picture something in your head and go for it. There are many bouquets that are only $4 in my local supermarket so you won’t break the bank.