How To Clean Your Ugg Boots

The majority of us ladies have a pair of Ugg boots in our closet.  With that being said, how many of you have stains on them? I know I do! Let’s have a little How to clean your Ugg boots 101……

I must admit, I absolutely LOVE my Ugg boots. I wear them every chance I can in the winter and when Spring comes, my Ugg boots need a little TLC.

Melissa from Clean My Space is sharing how to clean your Ugg boots on her YouTube Channel.  I though it was very informative and wanted to share with all of you.

Please know that some stain are permanent and will not come off no matter how much you try to clean them. If your going to clean your own boots, then make sure to clean the entire boot and not just the stain. Here are some of her quick tips, if you want more in depth introductions then check out her blog here.

1. Oil and Grease stains

If you have an oil or grease stain on your boot, try sprinkling a little cornstarch and gently pat it down. Let it sit over night and in the morning brush it off

2. Dirt and Salt Stains

Remove any dirt from the boot by brushing (top to bottom) with a suede brush. You can get this at any shoe store.

If you have any matted or shiny stains then use an eraser to spot rub it out.

Gently wet the stain area (do not soak) This allows the area to accept the stain treatment. Then use a suede stain cleaner and follow their directions.

She also says you can use a 1:1 mixture of water and plain white vinegar as a stain remover and apply it with the sponge. This is not ‘UGG approved’ but does work, the call is yours to make.

When done, rinse the stained area with clean water and a clean sponge

3. Water Spots

Rub the water spot stained area against another part of the suede.  Gentle rubbing like this usually gets the water stains right out!

4. Ugg Boot Cleaning

After you have cleaned all the spots on the boots, you can get into your general cleaning of the boot. Make sure to have a towel because this part gets a little messy

You will need:

1. a suede brush

2. suede cleaner (Ugg cleaner)

3. suede conditioner and protector

4. paper towels

5. soft sponge

6. cotton cloth

Step 1:

brush the entire boot from top to bottom with the suede brush

Step 2:

Use your cotton cloth or clean sponge to moisten the entire outside of the boot.

Step 3:

Rinse your sponge but don’t wring it out entirely. Squeeze some of the Ugg suede cleaner onto the sponge

Step 4:

Work the product onto the outside of the boot starting from top to bottom. If the sponge becomes to dirty then rinse and repeat step 3. Make sure to clean the dirtier areas a little more and don’t rub to hard cause you can ruin the leather. Be very gentle

Step 5:

Clean off your sponge and wipe off the product or run your boot under cool water to remove the product. If you run the boot under cool water make sure to do it quickly because the water can damage the leather.

Step 6:

Stuff the inside of the boot with paper towel.  This will help the boot keep its shape while its drying. Let the boot dry for 24-48 hrs.  Do not leave your boots to dry near the sun, furnace, fireplace etc because the heat will warp the leather

Step 7:

Remove the paper towel and now your boots are officially cleaned! Your boots may fit a little snug but will stretch back out after you wear them again

Step 8:

You want to take your brush and brush your boots from top to bottom.  This will help the matted look go away

Step 9:

Spray some of the protective suede spray and conditioner and let them dry for about 12-24 hours.

Deodorizing Tip:

If the inside of the boot has a little smell, sprinkle some baking soda inside and shake it around. Let the baking soda sit inside over night then in the morning just flip it over and shake it out.

Here is what the Ugg Website had to say:

Like any fine garment, sheepskin is delicate and not all stains can be prevented or removed. With proper care and cleaning, you can expect your footwear to last longer, but we in no way guarantee that it will remove all stains NOR prevent stains from occurring.

Specialty product care for Fancy Sheepskin, Fancy Suede and ALL Leathers:

My recommendation is to wipe these gently, in one direction, with a soft and clean cotton cloth sprayed with a little bit of water.  Anything else will ruin them.  This is what the folks at UGG have to say:

Cleaning instructions for Classic Metallics, Paisley, Mosaic, Embroidered Boots, Croc, Floral, Sweater Knit, Specialty Suede :

  1. Do not rub
  2. Do not use any cleaning product
  3. Do not use a brush
  4. You MAY use UGG Australia Protector product

Hope this helps! If your to scared to try to clean your Ugg boots at home you can always take them to a Cleaners near you and ask if they can clean them for you.

Check out her YouTube video: