How To Hang Sheet Metal In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have your refrigerator covered with important papers, kids school awards and pictures?  Then you want to check out this next project……

Alejandra from Home Organizing by Alejandra.TV shows us how we can eliminate all the clutter on our refrigerator doors. We can still have all the important info, kids pictures and grocery list just hidden away where it will not be seen.

The location for this project is great because we open the kitchen cabinet doors a million times a day. It will not interfere with the actual items in the cabinets. This doesn’t seem like a hard project to do and I am very excited to try this one out.

What you will need:

1. Measure your cabinets

2. Make sure when you go to your local hardware store you get sheet metal and not aluminum. The difference is aluminum is not magnetic so nothing will stick.

3. If you need to get the sheet metal cut, they usually do it for free at the hardware store. Just ask them and save yourself the headache at home trying to cut it yourself.

If you choose to cut it yourself, then you will need to get some Tin-snips. They are made to cut through metal, heavy duty gloves and 3M Multipurpose adhesive spray (which is basically a spray glue)

4. When your done, wait a couple of hours or overnight before you hang anything

Now let’s watch her video….