How To Make Beaded Flatware

beaded flatware

Let’s give your flatware a makeover!! Today I am showing you how to make beaded flatware…..

Dollar Tree has a great arts and crafts section.  You can find some great items to create fun projects. All the items I mention in this post were purchased from the Dollar Tree minus the flatware.  I just used what I had in the house. The total cost for this project was $3.

I am loving the way it turned out. I like neutral colors in my home so I just did this project in different shades of brown and pearl color beads. You can use any color you like. They had a ton of other colors to choose from.

beaded flatware


What you will need:

1. Wire cutter ~ You can find this in the section where the moss and plants are. These wire cutters are amazing and you should get these just to have around the home.

2. Glass beads ~ I purchased these two packs but only used the brown set. You will only need 1 pack for this project and you can get a bunch made.

3. Steel Wire ~ I found these in the car/tools section.  Comes 3 in a pack and trust me, this is a lot of wire.


1. You want to get whatever flatware or utensils your going to use. Then you want to measure the steel wire to the length of the handle. You will need about 4-5 times that length. Snip with the wire cutter.

2. To begin, wrap the wire around a couple of times to cover the tip of the wire. You want to make sure the tip is covered cause it can scratch you. I wrapped the steel wire about 3 times.

3. When the tip is covered you can start adding your beads. I added 3 beads then wrapped the wire around tightly to hold the beads from moving. When the wire came back to the front you just continue the process. You may have to use more or less beads depending on the width of your flatware. I did not add beads to the back of the handle. I was OK with just having the beads on the front. You can do which ever you feel you like more.

4. After you wrapped the handle to your desired length, you want to wrap the wire around about 3 times, tightly, to make sure your beads are secured and won’t fall off. If you have extra wire you can just snip that off with your wire cutters and push the tip through the wires in the back of the handle.

This is what the back would look like when your done.

beaded flatware

I DO NOT recommend putting these in the dishwasher. I only hand wash and air dry mine.

beaded flatware

beaded flatware


Hope you enjoyed this really cute beaded flatware DIY project! If you have a craft or project you’re working on, using just Dollar Tree items, let me know in the comment section! I would love to hear your ideas.