How To Make Homemade Gravy

Learn to make this simple made-from-scratch gravy…..

Gravy make everything better :) Let’s make some for Thanksgiving

Step 1

The leftover dripping make some really good gravy so NEVER toss it!

*Place the roasting pan over a low flame

*With a spoon just move the dripping around until the liquid starts to get thick

Step 2

* Add some flour to the pan and keep stirring until it mixes all together and gets smooth

* The flour makes the liquid thicken up

Step 3

* Slowly add in your stock and water. Keep stirring until it thickens up

* You may want to lower the heat if it starts to burn

Step 4 

*If you don’t want any lumps then use a strainer to catch them.

* You can add water if the gravy is to thick