How To Organize Your Baking Sheets


Baking sheets come in all sizes and shapes. They can be long, short, to wide, muffin tins, loaf shaped, bunt cake and the list goes on.  How do you organize them all?

I had them in my pantry, all the way in the top shelf in a lid organizer.  This is great to keep them organized but it just wasn’t working for me and my family.  It was hard for my boys to get and sometimes the bunt or muffin sheets would get stuck.

I am not knocking this type of organization. I can see how it would work for simple baking sheets etc. It worked perfectly for holding my cookie sheets and pizza tray.

I found a new spot…..



Perfect right!!

Being that we don’t use this part of our stove, it made the perfect spot to hold and hide all our baking sheets.  This is very convenient and accessible to everyone.  It was deep and wide enough to hold ALL of my crazy sized and shaped baking sheets. Even with all my baking sheets inside, I still have room for growth.

Make sure to give it a good cleaning and do not put any plastic or wood items in here. We don’t want anything to catch on fire or melt.

How do you organize your baking sheets?