How To Re-purpose A Train Table

Today we are talking about how we can re-purpose a train table. I have two boys that absolutely loved their train table but one day they just lost interest and….. it sat in the middle of the play room for months. I did give it away to another child that made good use to it but if I knew how to re-purpose the train table to get my children’s attention again, I would have.

My train table was huge! In my mind there was no way to make this work for me. Boy was I wrong. I found so many great ideas on Pinterest and other blogs that I thought I would share my favorites with you. Hopefully you can find something that works for you and your child and they can enjoy that train table for just a little bit longer.

I love what Little Bits of Home did to her child’s train table. She removed the top and added wheels so she can store the train table under the bed. This is a great idea because some children just lose interest for a little while because they have a new toy. This is out the way and easy for them to pull in and out if they decide they want to play with it again.

If your child is just not into trains anymore then try painting the top with chalkboard paint and the opposite side with cork the way TexBamaKid did. This will give the child more options and they will get more use out of it.

This awesome idea I found on pinterest and  just thought, “Wow” why didn’t I think of this? They re-purposed their train table into a Dinoland. All kids love using their imaginations and this idea will be a little boys dream.

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