How To Stuff A Turkey

It’s that time of year where you give Thanks for everything you have :) The main  attraction is the Turkey so let’s learn how to stuff a Turkey correctly

I have to be honest ans say I only cook 1 Turkey my whole life 0_o

You want to tuck the wings under the Turkey

Then take a paper towel and pat the Turkey dry (inside and outside)

You want to add salt and pepper to the inside of your Turkey

Lift the skin of the Turkey and spread butter all around

The best part of the Turkey is the stuffing :)

Add the stuffing of your choice to the inside of the Turkey. You want to stuff the neck part too and pull the neck skin over the opening

Cross the Turkey legs and tie them with twine. Make sure its tied tightly. You don’t want it to come loose

This is how it SHOULD look…Lol Trust me mine won’t!

Then just season the whole Turkey as you please.  When done just put your Turkey into a roasting pan and your done!

Thanks, Martha Stewart!! You can always count on that lady for everything :)

Check out her video!