How To Walk In Heels and Stilettos

Today, we are talking about how to walk in heels or stilettos. Women love their heels! It makes us feel sexy, makes the outfit come together and stilettos are just gorgeous with anything you wear.

When we walk in heels or stilettos, don’t you feel like you can take on the world?  Stilettos goes perfectly with a beautiful gown or a pair of jeans. I think it’s safe to say that women and stilettos are a match made in heaven. Even the ones that hurt so bad that you can’t walk for two days after. Yes, we all have a pair of those in our closets.

Did you know, you can end up with chronic joint problems if you don’t learn how to properly walk in heels or stilettos? Many women who wear heels have weak knees and back problems. Our legs are shock absorbers, so if we aren’t walking properly they’re going to hurt.

Many of us don’t walk properly in heels. It is possible that the heel may be to high for us or we haven’t trained our bodies to walk in heels. Have you ever seen women walk in heels but they look like they’re about to fall over? They’re leaning forward to balance themselves? That is because they haven’t trained to improve their muscle control and the body doesn’t understand what has happened. Then they risk falling over. Just like everything else, you must practice first.

Tip #1. You will naturally take smaller steps when you’re wearing heels. Glide, wave and enjoy the attention
Tip #2. Practice in front of the mirror at home. Try walking with one stiletto in front of the other (like a straight line) because this will give you that sexy runway walk
Tip #3. When walking in heels or stilettos, you want to walk heel to toe NOT toe to heel
Tip #4. Make sure your heels fit properly. You can add shoe pads if they’re to big or you can have them stretched out by your local shoe maker if they’re to tight and have chubby feet like I do.

Here is a Youtuber that I absolutely love! She has a great video that can be very helpful and hopefully you walk away with some helpful tips! Go checkout her page here Wendy’s Lookbook