Kid’s Closet Organization



Finally worked on Elijah’s closet organization.  He is in between stages (kid~teenager) so I wanted something that can accommodate both. The transition will be easy (and less work for me) when he feels like its time for big boy things. Let’s see what I did….


If you ever moved into a newly built home then you know they give you the bare basics (I will do the upgrades , Thanks) His closet came with 1 shelving system around the whole closet. There was so much wasted space.

We purchased some of the same shelving that was already there from Home Depot. Very affordable for a first time go at organizing his closet.

This took just a couple of hours to do.  Let’s see it all done now!!



On the very top shelves, I added these nice sized green storage containers.  I found them in Walmart for $5 each on clearance.

Bin #1 Holds all his Lego’s (and he has a ton of them)

Bin #2 Holds Travel items (neck pillows, blankets etc)

Bin #3 Holds Extra sheets and bedding

Bin #4 Holds Sports items

20140423_134834 I purchased this shoe rack from Walmart for about $10.  I did have a reader tell me she tried this one and it doesn’t hold much weight.  I think this is a good starter shoe rack for me.  I want to make sure he will follow the organization and then we can upgrade to a better stronger on in the future.



I do recommend going through all their board games, toys etc.  I did have to toss a bunch of stuff because of missing parts and pieces.


On the left side of the closet, we organized it with all his board games on top because he doesn’t play with them very often but wasn’t quite ready to toss them.

The second shelf holds his Xbox carrier for when he travels. His Steve head from Minecraft and pickaxe. Two very important things in his life right now…Lol

Then I just have his hamper on the floor below.

How do you organize your child’s closet? I Love getting new ideas to try out if the ones I am using don;t work.