Kitchen Tour: Cabinets and Drawers

Welcome to my kitchen cabinets and drawers tour. The hardest part to keeping the kitchen organized is getting it organized in the first place. If your like me I have tons of projects I want to work on in the kitchen but actually taking the first step is the hardest.  In my mind its easy but the hardest part is motivation. When the motivation hits, then there is no stopping me…I’m in the zone!!

Here are some of my cabinets and drawers.  Like how I said some right! That is because some cabinets and drawers are still in rehab Lol.  I will show you them when they are decent :)

Here are the ones that are organized….

This is my cup cabinet. The top I keep all my plastic and hot beverage disposable cups. These are good to take in the car cause they have lids. Our mugs for hot chocolate and coffee.  I Love that rough morning mickey one :) That’s me most mornings. The plastic cups on the bottom are our everyday plastic cups. These get rotated out frequently cause the get scratched, cracked and sometimes lost.

The other side is just all the glass cups. stem less wine glasses ( need to get more). The big beer mugs on top are great for root beer floats :) You can put them in the freezer and add your drink inside to keep cold.

This cabinet hold all our everyday plates and bowls.

Here are some of my baking dishes.  I don’t know why but I love white dishes.  They are easy to dress up when entertaining.  I used a shelf to separate the glass and white baking dishes.  This also helps me utilize the height in the cabinet.  Its easy to grab the things you want too.

This drawer makes me happy…Lol  It’s just so organized and everything fits in one place.

This drawer is for all my oven mitts, pot holders and extra drying towels. I snuck in there my toothpicks too

This cabinet hold most of my gadgets or extras that I don’t use on a regular basis. I have my food processor, blender, big cheese grater, extra vases, aluminum tins and of course popcorn holders for our movie nights

And last but not least, my junk drawer!


I am not the most organized person in the world. I have my “What happened in here” moments and certain areas in the home that are completely disorganized.

The hardest drawer to keep organized for me is the utensil drawer.  This is the most used drawer in my house and probably yours too.  With EVERYONE going in and out its hard to get it organized in a way that everyone will follow. The items are so random in size its hard to get the right fit.

With that being said here is my utensil drawer that makes me cringe every 1,568 times I go in it a day.

As you cans see, I already attempted this task but failed. Back to the drawing board we go

I will keep you posted on “Take Two” of this project!