Laundry Room Organization

One room in the house that is really hard to keep organized is the laundry room. Today, I am showing you my laundry room organization and the items I use are really affordable and get the job done.

tiny tips by michelle laundry room



My laundry room cabinets are organized with baskets that I found at The Dollar Tree. I like to use baskets because they contain all the smaller items that tend to shift and make a mess in the cabinet. I’m not a fan of opening the cabinet doors and having something roll out and bang me on the head.

This cabinet is mainly for my pets items. I have a Yorkie and some fish. I organize the baskets by how frequently I need to access them. The top two baskets are for light bulbs and batteries. Two things I need to have backups for at all times.





Tiny tips by michelle laundry room organization


I found this next organizer in the detergent isle at Walmart. This little thing holds so much stuff and was only $8. I couldn’t find the exact one I have but here is a similar one. Wall Organizer  I used to have all these items on the side of the washing machine and the smaller items thrown in the cabinets.

Now everything is hung on this organizer that we set up behind the door. If you walk into the laundry room , you wouldn’t see it.

Tiny tips by michelle laundry room organization


This is an iron/ ironing board holder. My ironing board is to long to hang on this one, so for now, I just hang my reusable bags. You can hang this one on the wall or over the door. I didn’t screw mine in the door but it stays in place because of the weight of the iron and my water bottles.

I am looking for a new ironing board that can fit. If you know of one that you love, let me know. Over The Door Iron/ Ironing board organizer 

Tiny tips by michelle laundry room organization


This little hanging organizer is by far my favorite piece in the laundry room. It was only $4 at my local supermarket and when it’s not in use, it will fold up. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to hold wet clothes.  I filled up every opening with dresses, sweaters, jackets, and jeans. This little thing held up perfectly.

This item is perfect for little spaces and you can add another one underneath for extra drying space. You can put this in the bathroom too. You can find similar ones here Clothes hanging system