Magic Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Now that school is out for the summer (for most of us) here is a fun project that will keep those little ones busy….

Can I get a WOOHOO for no more school! We get to sleep in just a little bit more, no more homework, projects or studying for test. I think us parents enjoy summer time just as much as the kids do.

The bad thing about summer time is trying to keep those little ones entertained. Growing up I used to love writing on the sidewalk with chalk. Making my hopscotch pattern and drawing pictures were just a few of my favorite things to do. That was a very long time ago but I still have great memories.

OK….back to our children :)

I LOVE Martha Stewart! She has great ideas, fun DIY projects, great organizing tips and I am sharing this fun Magic Sidewalk Chalk Paint project with you.

All you need for this project is:

1. Baking Soda

2. Corn starch

3. Spray bottle filled with Vinegar

4. Mixing Bowl

5. Fork

6. 1/2 measuring cup

7. Washable Paints (various colors)

8. Squeeze bottles ( I purchased these from Walmart, 12 oz bottle was $.99)


1. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda and corn starch in a mixing bowl and stir with the fork. Slowly add water to the mixing bowl until you get the consistency of paint.

2. Then add your craft paint (one color) and stir. Then pour the mixture into your squeeze bottle.

3. Repeat the process for each color.


Hope you enjoy!!