Master Bathroom Decor and Organization


Today, I’m showing you my Master Bathroom decor and organization…..

There is nothing better then waking up to a clean and clutter-free bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t always look like this on the weekends or when I’m running late during the week.  I do try and put things away as soon as I use them. If I use the towels, I straighten them up when I’m done.  At night, I will straighten up so in the morning I’m not left with clutter everywhere from the night before. My biggest pet peeve is a dirty mirror.

Starting your morning with a clean canvas will predict your mood for the rest of your day.


You want to add decor pieces to your counter that make you smile when you look at them. Items that are functional for your needs. If you have a big bathroom, you may need larger pieces to fill the space. If you have a smaller bathroom, you want to add smaller pieces to the space. You can display some of your most used items so they are easily accessible.

I purchased this cute tray from JCrew and added my most used perfumes and my nail polishes that I’m wearing for that week. This way I can grab it quickly and it looks nice in the corner of the bathroom.

I like to hang my blow dryer on a hook over the cabinet door under the sink. This is a big item and can get in the way. I also use a Velcro tie wrap around the wires to keep them from hanging everywhere. I purchased a big pack of Velcro ties from my local Dollar Tree store.


Lazy Susan’s may be the best invention ever in my eyes.  I have these all over my house, literally! I use this one to keep all my hair products in one space. This keeps items from getting lost and having multiples of an item because you can’t find it. No more digging to try and find something all the way in the back. A soft turn and everything is right in the front for easy reach.

I use a small basket for my hair brushes and combs. You can tie a ribbon around the basket for a little pop of cuteness.

Tinytipsbymichelle favorite styling tools

The other side of this cabinet just holds my curling wands, hair straightener, and safety glove. This comes in a carrying case for traveling so it stays nice and neat.


My bathroom has a separate area for the toilet.  It’s pretty big and has it’s own door so I have this cabinet inside for extra storage. I purchased this shelving unit from Target and the baskets were from Michael’s.


I keep new magazines that come for that month on top. You always need reading material if you forget your cell phone. Nobody wants to read the back of product labels. Lol.  The top two baskets holds extra toilet tissue, crossword puzzles, Sudoku book, and an Ipad. The second shelf holds all my nail polishes nail tools, and extra makeup that I don’t use on a regular basis. The bottom shelf holds feminine products, and extra supplies like toothpaste, bar soap for bathing, and hand soap refills.


Hope you enjoyed this and get some ideas for your own bathrooms.