Master Bedroom Makeover ~ Day 1

I am making over my Master bedroom and I couldn’t be more happy and scared at the same time. This project has been in the works for months. The amount of  DIY magazines and TV shows that I have watched, I really just started to get overwhelmed.  What does a girl do when that happens? Leave the bedroom alone and work on another project, of course! Today was the day (Yes I know its Father’s Day) I decided  to just go for it and purchase the materials I needed. So off to Home Depot I went.


I purchased Interior Trim Moldings for the chair rail and to create a box design on the lower half of the wall.  I am hoping the paint color (Behr Cottage Hill and Behr Snow Fall) that I purchased works great because I didn’t swatch it first.  I think I was just in the zone at that moment cause I just went for it. In my defense :) I did go to the cabinet section and found a color that was very similar to my bedroom furniture.  I am just hoping after the paint is on the wall, it looks great and all comes together.


After moving out all the things in the room (minus the bed and dresser) we can get stared.


The black lines on the wall is where I would like the chair rail to go.  This took a couple of tries but we finally got it.The construction paper on the wall was just to get ideas on box size and location. After going through this several times, I am still not satisfied with the look.  I do want them to be closer together and maybe a little bigger. This wall had 3 boxes and wouldn’t have that huge gap in between.


Anyone else gets a little excited and scared when it’s time to pull out the power tools?  For this project we pulled out the Dewalt Miter Saw. You don’t have to run out and purchase one this big or one at all.  If you get all your measurements ahead of time, you can get the workers at your local home center to cut the moldings for you. The best part, its free of charge.

20140615_190204 (1)

We added an adhesive caulk to the wall then added the chair rail.  We later decided it was easier to just add the caulk to the back of the chair rail molding then place it on the wall. You don’t have to add this caulk if you don’t want to. This was just something we did for an extra hold.


Then we pulled out the nail gun and secured the molding to the wall. Anyone else loves using a nail gun? This to me is so much fun.

After the molding is all up you will want to go around the entire molding and add caulk to the corners (if there are gaps) and the top of the molding against the wall. Then go behind it and wipe up any extra caulk that is on the wall or molding while it is still wet. If you wait till the caulk dries, it may be harder to clean up.


This is the end result.  We added chair rail molding around the whole room. I am happy with the way it is coming along so far.

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  • MiMi Reed

    This really looks nice…Any tips on inside corners for the chair rail