Men’s Drawer Organization

men's drawer organization

Drawer organization is very important when you have small drawers. This post will show you a great way to save space in those tiny drawers ………

 First I must say, trying to teach the boys how to fold like me is very hard…lol  A little patience goes a long way when it come to teaching someone how you like things done.

Secondly,everything that you see here (well not everything, some stuff is still in the wash) was folded in 3 different drawers.  I am limited in my drawer space at the moment so this was not going to work.  I then realized that it wasn’t the space it was the way the clothes were being folded.

I removed everything ( and did a little purging) folded the socks and t-shirts a different way and BAM! everything fit in one drawer. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see a nicely organized drawer.

This drawer holds socks, under shirts and lounge shorts. Let me show you how I folded the socks to make more fit nicely. Not to mention, it just looks so much nicer and more organized.

sock folding

This is pretty much the whole process.

Step 1: Lay the sock completely flat with both sock facing the same way.

Step 2: Fold the bottom of the sock up to the half way mark

Step 3: Fold it over again so it reaches the top making a square

Step 4: Grab the opening and fold over the entire sock like a little sack

sock folding

sock folding

sock folding

This looks so much nicer then the way they were folded before, not to mention took up so much space. These are the same size socks too.

sock folding

Just try it out on on your socks at home and see how much space you save