My Favorite Styling Tools



I have to tell you guys about my favorite styling tools! I absolutely LOVE them and I highly recommend them to all of you that are searching for new styling tools.

I found this brand from a beauty guru on YouTube that swears by hers. Her hair is always fabulous looking but that’s what she does for a living, so I thought. I decided to give it a try because she was offering a discount. I was always hesitant because this set is well over $300. I paid $179 with the discount but knowing what I know now, I would pay full price if I needed to.  The set I have is similar to the Curl Jam that they have available except mine has a glove and carrying case.

I had my Nu-Me hair straightener and curling irons for about a year now. My hair is very thin and short (about shoulder length now) and when I curled my hair with other curling irons, they never lasted more then 1 hour. Anyone else have this problem? Since using my Nu-Me curling irons, my curls are fabulous looking throughout the whole day. This makes me a very happy girl!

The picture above was taken at night. I went the whole day running errands and attending my sons Spring band concert that evening. I was going for a messy beach curl and I was very happy with the results. The barrel I used was the middle barrel and then brushed the curls out with my fingers. I live in Florida and the humidity is always high so that’s why my hair looks a little frizzy. If you have any suggestions on products I can use, please help a girl out in the comment section!!!

Tinytipsbymichelle favorite styling tools


Tiny Tips By Michelle favorite styling tools

Tiny Tips By Michelle Favorite styling tools


Traveling with my styling tools now is so easy and everything can stay in its place until you need to use it. The traveling case hangs behind the door in the hotel room and off the counters. Everybody knows we need that space for makeup…Lol

Nu-Me is currently having a really good sale so if your thinking about purchasing a new set, straightener or curling wand, now is the time to do it. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Don’t forget to use their codes!! Codes are available on their home page.

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I am not sponsored by Nu-Me. The products above were purchased with my own money.