Nails of The Week: Bringing In The Fall

Nails of The Week, Bringing in the fall through nail polish…..

I’m starting a new theme on the blog called “Nails of the Week.”  I’ll be sharing with you my weekly nail polish choice and my opinion on the product overall.  I love doing my own mani/pedi at home.  So, I thought this would be a great way for you to see the color without spending your money. The worse thing is spending money on a product that you don’t like and can’t return.  Nail polishes now a days cost (for a good brand) $8.99 or better. Lucky for you, I will review colors for you.

This week I’m loving Orly’s “Smolder” nail polish.  It is the perfect color to bring in the fall season. Living in Florida, I have to fake the seasons and this color is definitely working. Trust me when I say, this picture isn’t doing the nail polish any justice.

I purchased this nail polish from Sally’s beauty supplies. If you don’t have one around, you can purchase it from the link above. This is a beautiful wine color and it’s a great thick formula. I used two coats and the Essie Gel Setter top coat. This is a dark color so try and stay away from the cuticles and skin because it will leave a stain when you try and remove it.  I recommend you take it slow and steady with each stroke. Let the polish dry about a minute in between layers.

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