Office Series: Greeting Cards Organization

greeting card organization

Do you like to have extra greeting cards at home? How do you keep the organized?

I like to have extra greeting cards in the house just in case I need one at a whim.  I used to just have them thrown in my drawer but the envelopes were getting messed up and marked up from the other random items in the drawer.

I went out to Staples and found this really inexpensive, clear, durable file folder that was the perfect size for my greeting cards. I tried to find the link online but I couldn’t :(

It already came with plastic, very durable dividers and sticky paper to label. I wanted to use my label maker but the shape and size of the dividers was not looking right. I decided to just use what it came with and try to write the best I can.

greeting card organization


For whatever reason, I like the simplicity of it.  It has nice vibrant colors and it just works for me.

I tried to keep it simple with the categories. I am using ones that I would usually use when I send out cards in the mail.




Get well

Thinking Of You

Valentine’s Day





Gift Cards

Funny ( I like to send random, funny cards in the mail.  It’s nice when you get something that you were not expecting)


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