Office Series: Organizing Receipts

receipt organization

Organizing receipts is a great way to stay on budget. Here’s how I organize mine…..

I don’t know about you, but, I like to keep all of my receipts. Yes, even the one when you ran into 7 eleven for a candy bar…Lol They come in handy when you need to return an item or make sure they charge you the right price.  Some people like to save their receipts so they can enter the info into quick books or just to keep track of their spending. I used to (like so many of you) just throw my receipts in my purse, throw them somewhere in the car or stuff them in my pocket then I could never find one when I needed them.

Have you ever said, Where did I spend those $10 at?  Keeping your receipts can help you budget better and save you money too.  We don’t realize how those little purchases add up at the end of the month, especially when you have kids.

receipt organzation

I purchased this Globe-Weis 13 pocket check file from Staples….Grab yours HERE!  I really like this one because its sturdy and the perfect size for receipts. 

I have mine labeled by month and just used the little papers that came with them.  I haven’t had any of the labels fall out yet so I will keep it like this.  If they do begin to fall out, I will just pull out my label maker and label them the same way.

There is a space between the folder itself and the Jan slot. I keep in that opening my receipts that I will keep indefinitely. My more expensive receipts that are good to hold onto just in case you need them for insurance purposes, Like a fire or theft, you have proof they existed. I keep receipts for my expensive bags, wallets, jewelry, electronics etc

In the monthly slots (Jan-Dec) I keep my everyday purchases from gas, grocery shopping, restaurants etc.  When the month is over, I like to go through all my receipts for that month and just clip like receipts together.  This way it shows me how much I spend on groceries for that month. If I went over my monthly budget, If we eat out at fast food places, I can see how much I am spending that I shouldn’t be. This will help me prepare better as far as quick meals are concerned.


You know I had to make it pleasing to my eyes :)

I found this cute receipt image on the internet ( I searched in Google, receipt icons) then used a little Mod Podge (Love this stuff) on the back of the pic and placed it where I wanted. Let it dry and your good!

Tiny Tip: You do not have to use a lot of the Mod Podge. A little goes a long way.

receipt organization

Share in the comments below how you keep your receipts organized.  Lets get together and share our ideas for those who are trying to keep organized this year :)