Organization Tips For Men

organization tips for men


Here is a quick organization tips for men that they will appreciate….

When it comes to men and organizing they don’t do it like women do. Maybe because we have to make everything cute and perfect. In a man’s world, things are organized in chaos but it’s still organized, to them anyway.

Will has his garage. It is where he stays working on house projects and his motorcycle. I tend to leave him be in this space because it makes him happy and it’s his little getaway. Trust me when I say, I want to run in there all the time and just purge,clean and organize.

One day, he had to take apart (gut) his motorcycle engine and then reassemble it again. When I went to see how he was doing, I saw the muffin tin and just about squealed. I am, what you would call an organizing addict. To see how he kept his screws organized and labeled with sharpie and blue painters tape made me realize something. They pay attention and they pick up on things you do. When it’s time to organize something, they will do it their own way in their own time.

Maybe we just have to come up with some masculine organization tips for men. You know , a little dirty, a little rough looking :)