How To Organize A Child’s Library

Need ideas on how to organize a child’s library? Keep reading below for tips and ideas that are age appropriate

Children’s libraries, reading and kids of all ages go hand and hand. As a preschool teacher, I am here to give you some tips on how to organize your child’s library and what works for all ages.

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Birth to 1 years old

At this age you want to start introducing them to books and get in the habit of reading. They love bright colors and books they can put in their mouths. They like to hold the books and bring them from one place to another then play with them again. With children in this age group having books in a certain area on a bright fun rug works best. You can have some books standing up and some books laying on the floor. They most important thing is the books are easily accessible for them to grab whenever they please. Always have the books in the same spot so they always know where they are at all times.

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17 months to 28 months old

This age they are bigger and can grab books on their own. You can displays books on shelves that are low to the floor or in cases that they can reach on their own. At this age repetition is key. Reading them the same books over and over will help them learn new words and they will start to associate words with the pictures. They will start having their favorite books and will want you to read them over and over. You can reverse the roles and have them read the book to you. You will be surprised by how much of the story they remember and may add their own words when they are reading. At this age you want to have a variety of books with their covers being clearly displayed.

You NEVER want to associate reading with bad behavior.(Ex: Go read a book because your not being a good boy right now.) Reading should always be positive and fun for them.

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3 – 4 years old

This age your children vocabulary will be around 250-500 words and they can speak in clear sentences. Their sentences will be about 5-6 words long.  They can remember parts of a story, identify colors, numbers and animals. They will start asking questions like “Why is the sky blue” or “Why do they birds have feathers”.

At this age your child’s library can be more creative. You can have themed areas and libraries or shelves that are off the floor. You can have baskets with labels so they know which one they can touch and which ones are for you to read to them only.


Always remember to have a designated reading area for any age group. Make the library area fun and bright so they will enjoy being there. Make reading fun because from birth to 3 years old is when they learn the most. Make it positive and read…read….read!