Pet Organization


I would like everyone to meet Rocco Taco.  He is my 12 yr old Yorkie with the best puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen.  Today, I’m sharing my pet organization and his favorite treats with all of you.  Let’s get started….

I like to store his food in glass containers that I purchased from Walmart.  They’re easy to clean and they don’t hold any odors from the dog food. The scoop is from Michael’s Craft store in the clearance section many years ago. FYI….If I had to purchase another scoop, it would be a stainless steel one.   I share his favorite treats below.

I like to group similar things together, in containers. This is no different with my pet organization.  I found these great containers in the Dollar Tree store.  The Poop bag container (which is a treat container) is still available if you’re interested in purchasing it. You can find it in the pet section.

The white ceramic holder is from the garden section.  I purchased this in the summer time and haven’t seen them lately in my local Dollar Tree store.

I’ve been using this flea and tick medicine from the Dollar Tree store for years.  It works great and Rocco has never had any fleas or tick issues.  It is a monthly dosage and they offer different doses for bigger dogs and cats.

The poop bags are my favorite because they are good quality and come in many cute designs and colors. You get a good amount in each package too.

I purchase all his toys from Marshall’s because they have the best prices. I recently found this dog basket and the dog towel from there too.  These items are still available if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

We installed a doggie door last year and it was the best decision ever. I didn’t potty train Rocco properly so he would just go whenever he pleased in the house.  Since installing the doggie door he doesn’t have as many accidents as he did before.  We keep the cover to the doggie door under the dog towel.  We purchased our doggie door from PetSmart. It was very affordable and easy to install.

Here is an overall view of my pet organization.  My children also have several fish and snails.  We keep all their decor, cleaning supplies, and tools in the two white baskets on the top shelves.  We don’t use these items frequently so we keep them up high on the shelf.

I try to get my dog different treats every time I purchase some for him.  These are his favorite and the pay per pound treats at PetSmart.  I rarely purchase the pay per pound because I don’t know how to act and want to buy everything.  I’m left with a tiny bag of treats that I just paid $25 for…Lol

I like that these are natural and I can actually pronounce every ingredient that is inside of them.  You can also find these at Marshall’s for $4.99 per box. I usually stock up on them because I’m afraid I won’t find them anymore.

These are my favorite dog wipes.  They smell so good, are all natural, and are great for in between baths. I would probably take Rocco a bath twice a week but my oldest son is the one that bathes him. Let’s just say it’s not his favorite chore so once a week it is.

I don’t purchase dog shampoos and conditioners.  I use my personal shampoo and conditioner on him.  I’ve been doing this for years.  His hair is silky soft after his conditioning session.  I think Rocco loves the pampering too.  He stays there with his eye closed and enjoys the massage. Giving him a haircut is a whole other story….Lol.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you some ideas and tips for your pet organization.  Pets are like babies and require a lot of stuff.  Having a designated spot and good organization is very important.