Rainfall Showerhead

Tinytipsbymichelle.comI’m so excited to share with you my new Rainfall Showerhead! I found a really affordable one and it only took 5 minutes to install. Come and see …..I’ve wanted a Rainfall Showerhead for a long time now but they cost way more then I wanted to spend. If you never showered under a rainfall showerhead before then you’re missing out. I had my teenage son (14 yrs old) install this for me and I can’t wait till tonight to try it out. My poor water bill :(

My old showerhead was the standard one (picture below) that usually comes in the home. Let me show you how simple it was to install the new one….
Tinytipsbymichelle.comFirst, we unscrewed the old showerhead right off. You want to clean and save this one just in case you ever need a backup.

Tinytipsbymichelle.comRemove all the old Teflon tape and add new tape to the threads of the shower stem.  This will prevent any leakage from happening.  Make sure to add the Teflon tape in the direction you will screw the showerhead on.

Tinytipsbymichelle.comI added the Teflon tape towards the top to prevent my shower caddy from slipping off. You don’t have to do this part if you don’t need to. Cut off the excess Teflon tape when done.

Tinytipsbymichelle.comAttach the new Rainfall Showerhead by twisting until you can’t anymore.

Tinytipsbymichelle.comThen I used use a wrench to tighten it more because it was still to loose. You want to be very careful with this part because you don’t want to scratch the chrome.

Tinytipsbymichelle.comTest for leaks by turning on the water. I was very giddy at this point!!

Tinytipsbymichelle.comAdd your shower caddy back on and your done!! Now all that’s left is to jump in the shower and Enjoy!

Tinytipsbymichelle.comI’m swooning over this Rainfall Showerhead




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