Refrigerator Door Organization

Refrigerator door organization


Let’s jump right  into our Refrigerator Door Organization…….

The refrigerator may be the hardest thing to keep organized but if it isn’t, it can be the most costly. How many times you thought you didn’t have something, went to the store and purchased that item to come home and find three in the refrigerator? That is me!!!

How about having big bottle condiments that take up way to much space on your refrigerator door?

I am going to show you my refrigerator door and how I keep it organized. I will also show you what you can use to maximize your space. Now I have so much space in my refrigerator door that I can see everything clearly.

refrigerator door organization


My refrigerator is the tall, 2 door, side by side fridge and it can hold tons! Well, now that it’s organized it can :)

* Top shelf just holds my butter.

* Second shelf holds all my condiments and sauces.

* Third shelf holds the kids strawberry and chocolate syrups, jelly, olives, pickles, Parmesan cheese and my         homemade sofrito. If your interested, you can find the recipe  > HERE <

* Fourth shelf holds bottled water. We go through tons of water now that football and school has started. We also like to add crystal light to our water bottles. Anyone else addicted to crystal light?

* Fifth shelf holds Orange juice and lemonade.

refrigerator door organization

Okay so remember I said I’m going to show you how I save a ton of space in my refrigerator? Well, this is how I do it! I use condiment bottles for all my condiments and sauces. I love the fact that they save so much space. No more huge or awkward shaped bottles taking up space anymore. They are uniformed which makes it look cleaner and more organized. You can see through the clear bottles which allows you see how much is left.

I currently have 11 bottles on this one shelf and I can add at least 4 more if I wanted to. Can you stick 11 bottles on one shelf? I use my label maker to label what is inside. The kids really enjoy this method because they have more control of how much they squeeze on their food. The bottles they originally came in would squirt way to much in one spot.

What’s in my bottles?

1. Ketchup

2. Mustard

3. Mayo

4. Soy Sauce

5. Asian dipping sauce ( for our potstickers we like to make)

6. A1 sauce

7. General Tso sauce

8. Italian dressing

9. Ranch dressing

10. Barbecue sauce

11. Hot sauce

Interested in these bottles? You can purchase them with the link below. See you soon with more tips :)