Saving With Coupons 101

Couponing is a great way to save money and with all the couponing sites out there, it shouldn’t be hard to find a great deal.  I know some people many think its easy to save money on not so great food but if your a healthy eater then these sites are great for you.

I have made a list of some sites where you can get coupons for organic and healthier foods.  No need to sacrifice your healthy eating habits just to save a few bucks.  You can have the best of both worlds.

I have provided the links to each site, just click them all or the ones you like.


Bob’s Red Mill 

Mambo Sprouts

Earthbound Farm (You will have to sign up for their email newsletters)

Horizon Organic 

Driscoll’s Berries ( If you join the berry group, they will give you a coupon)

Muir Glen ( I just love their tomato paste/sauce)

Udi’s Gluten Free

Applegate Organic & Natural Meats 

Cascadian Farm (sign up for their email newsletter)

Organic Valley

Common Kindness


Seventh Generation 

You can find some great coupons here too.  These sites may not have organic products but you can get some great coupons everyday

Target  ( They have food and non food coupons! Add these coupons with a manufactures coupon to save even more money)

Smart Scource 

Red Plum 

You can checkout your grocery store flyers and online site. You can add these store coupons with manufacture coupons to save more money.

Check the aisle’s in your grocery store for Blinkies. They are usually right next to the coupons item.

Magazine’s have coupons. Checkout “All You magazine” They usually offer $100 worth of manufacture coupons every month

Checkout your receipts when you go shopping.  Some store have “Catalinas”  and “CVS” has free money that is printed right on your receipt.

You can find “Peelies” right on the items.  These are the sticker coupons that are on the items themselves.

Purchase your Sunday Paper!! This is the best way to get great coupons

Now go start saving money :)