Hello Kitty Girls Wristwatch Wrist Watch Pink $4.14

This is a really cute watch for any little girl and that price is just FABULOUS!!

So I am going to be honest here and say I think i would wear this…LolThis is a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer :)  Hurry and snag this Hello Kitty Girls Wristwatch Wrist Watch Pink cause Amazon changes prices quickly and I’m LOVING the no shipping!!!

Keep Hands Warm While Using Your Phone

It is that time of the year again where the weather is starting to get cold. Those little fingers are going to freeze but you are determined to use your phone anyway to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and if your like me, textaholic. Don’t lie! You know it’s true…Lol….I am so guilty of this.

Well here is a solution to keeping those hands warm and being able to use your phone.

Agloves ® Original Touchscreen Gloves, iPhone Gloves, Texting Gloves

These gloves received some good reviews on Amazon. Many gave this product a 4 star rating. I love when people review a product cause it helps me make a faster decision. Another good thing is, they are really affordable. I love a good product that is affordable