A Look Back Into 2013

I started TinyTipsByMichelle in September 2013 and it has been a ton of fun sharing my life and how I organize my home with all of you. I just wanted to take a minute and look back at some of the fun projects that we have done so far. Just click away and I hope I can get you motivated to organize something in your home for 2014


Kitchen Pantry Organization

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Custom Made Family Room Curtains

I finally finished my custom made family room curtains. This may have been the longest it took me to do any project ever! After the valance was done I kind of slipped off and didn’t make it a priority to finish the rest of the curtains.  Then we finally finished the panels and didn’t have the hooks to tie the curtains back. It took me 3 days alone to go to Home Depot and and buy a $1.50 pack of hooks :(  Mind you Home Depot is literally 5 minutes away.  I slacked big time!!

Well here is the finished product…….Not to shabby, Right?

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Family Room Curtain Project (Day 3)…Valance Done!!

This project should have been done already but we have been so busy with sports , work and extra activities. We were able to get a little more work done today. Its Sunday and with a house full of football fans, I was just happy to get the valance done!

We decided to use Velcro to hold the valance on the frame.  This way I can remove it if I decided to change the curtains with no problem.  We had A TON of Velcro in the garage. I have no idea why we would have this much Lol.


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Family Room Curtain Project (Day 2)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday so far.  The males went to football games and the females went to the spa :)  It was a very nice 4 1/2 hrs I must say.  We had facials, full body massages, manicures & pedicures

Now we are all back in the house and its project time!!

We measured the windows and figured out our wood measurements. Then off to the garage we go……

photo (2)

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