How To Organize Your Home With Dollar Tree Items

Do you love shopping at The Dollar Tree as much as I do? Little secret, I think I may have a slight addiction problem. Please don’t tell anyone. Hehehe…

When it comes to shopping at The Dollar Tree it can be hit or bust. I have tried a ton of items and I go back at least once a week to see if anything new came in. My thought process is, if it doesn’t work, it was only one dollar. Can’t hurt the bank and you don’t have to much invested so either way it’s a win win situation.

I found 2 items this week that I wanted to show you that helped me get a little more organized.


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Kid’s Closet Organization



Finally worked on Elijah’s closet organization.  He is in between stages (kid~teenager) so I wanted something that can accommodate both. The transition will be easy (and less work for me) when he feels like its time for big boy things. Let’s see what I did….

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A Look Back Into 2013

I started TinyTipsByMichelle in September 2013 and it has been a ton of fun sharing my life and how I organize my home with all of you. I just wanted to take a minute and look back at some of the fun projects that we have done so far. Just click away and I hope I can get you motivated to organize something in your home for 2014


Kitchen Pantry Organization

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