Alternate Uses for Dryer Sheet

To me, dryer sheets and I have a Love/Hate relationship.  I love them because they can be very useful.  I hate them because they are everywhere and can be annoying.

Let me tell you about other ways I LOVE to use dryer sheets!

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How To Remove Arm Pit Stains From Your Clothes

Have you ever gone to wash clothes and see those annoying yellow stains under the arms of clothes?  When that happens I usually just toss the clothes in the trash. I feel like there is no hope left for that article of clothing.

I have tried shout, Clorox and all the other stain removers on the market with no luck.  I have found something that may be the best thing on earth!! I have tried this to the male Hanes undershirt wearers in the house and I have had some success.

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My Weekly Cleaning Routine

Do you have a cleaning routine or is it just clean as you go? I am guilty of cleaning as I see the mess but then I realized that I am ALWAYS CLEANING!! With 3 kids and a dog their is constantly things to clean, even when you just cleaned that area :(

Planning a cleaning routine for the week will allow everything to get done with time to relax or play with the kids.  It would be nice to see a TV show the same day it comes on.

Here is how I plan my cleaning routine schedule.

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