Fourth of July Nail Polish Designs

I am big fan of cute manicures anytime of the year but when the holidays come around, its time to go all out, especially Fourth of July.  You can try and recreate these styles or just show the pic to your manicurist and have her do it.  Here are some really cute ideas I found for the 4th of July.

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What’s Your Favorite Top Coat Nail Polish?

What woman doesn’t LOVE getting a mani/pedi? I would go twice a week for my manicures and every other week for a pedicure. Then I started doing my nails at home. This saved me so much money and I don’t have to wait in the crowded nail salon. Sometimes when its crowded you almost feel like you are limited in time when using the dryers.

I am a very patient woman. I can and will sit there until I feel like my nails are dried enough to dig in my bag or drive a car normally. You know what I’m talking about Ladies, when your nails are wet and you hold the steering wheel with your palms and fingers spread out. I will be damned if I pay all that money and they get messed up!

Well My daughter is the worst with her nails. She is so impatient that I say 95% of the time her nails get messed up by time we get to our next destination.  We went on a search for a good quick drying top coat and here she is….

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