Nail Polish Of The Moment

Maybelline Polish

Hey Guys!

I want to start a new nail polish series where I share with you my manicure of the moment. I will let you know the brand, color name and if it has a good formula. Hope you like this series.

I went to Target a couple of days ago and found these two Maybelline Color Show nail polish on sale for $2 each.  I purchased “Gilded Rose” and “Dust of Bronze”. Both colors are very pretty alone but when I added them together they gave me a very dramatic look.

Gilded Rose is more gold tones with pink glitter. The Dust of Bronze is in the brown family with a touch of sparkle. I do enjoy the formula. They are nice and thin but don’t leave any streaks. Two coats and a top coat of nail polish is great. The bottles are on the smaller side but you can get a lot of manicures out of it.

I couldn’t wait to try the nail polish out but i think they are more of a dressed up, evening out look. I think it is to fancy of a color to wear on a regular jeans and sneakers type of day.

I do recommend these colors if you love doing your own manicures at home.


Nail Basics: Removing Nail Polish Tip


I Love doing my nails at home but I am no professional.  I do make a mess although I am getting better at it.

Add a little nail polish remover in the cap, dip a small makeup brush ( I use an old Eco Tools eye brush) in the acetone and brush along the edge of your nails. It will come right off without messing up the nail polish on your nails.