Time To Deep Clean Your Coffee Maker


How many times do you deep clean your coffee maker? 

How often should you deep clean your coffee maker? I am not a big coffee drinker so I don’t deep clean my coffee maker very often. When I have guest over the coffee maker gets used a lot and then I give it a good cleaning. The process is very easy to do and it will only take about 10-15 minutes to do. This process is for regular coffee maker machines not ones that use the k-cup packs. I am not sure how to deep clean coffee makers of that type because I do not own one.

You will need your coffee maker, white distilled vinegar and water.  You can use Q-tips if you want to get into those hard to reach areas.

Step 1.

Empty and clean out the filter part and the coffee pot.

Step 2.

Place a new coffee filter inside and fill up your coffee pot with half water and half vinegar.

Step 3.

Continue as you would if you were making a pot of coffee.

Step 4.

When the cycle is all done just toss the filter and empty the coffee pot.  You will see nasty debris in the filter.

Step 5.

You can go and clean out the inside of the coffee maker now with a Q-tip or something that can get into smaller areas.   Your machine should still have some of the vinegar and water inside.  You can just use that to clean the inside.

Step 6.

Now just add water to the coffee pot and brew.  This will clean out the vinegar that may still be lingering inside. You may have to repeat this last step a couple of times.

Let me know in the comment section how often do you deep clean your coffee maker and what methods do you use?