Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Today I am sharing some tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  I absolutely LOVE my phone and ….. had it for a while now. I love all the features and style of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I have the gold color and I have a clear case over it, nothing fancy. I love the sleek look of it so I didn’t want to cover anything up.

I follow a few tech savvy people on YouTube that help me with my gadgets. One in particular is TechSmartt . I enjoy his videos and I like how he gets right into it. Not to much nonsense chatting and his videos keep you engaged. Below you will find his 50 plus tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge video.  When your done head on over to his YouTube channel and checkout his other videos that interest you.

Some of his tips I already knew and implemented but many I didn’t. I took notes as the video was playing to go back and do but some I just paused the video and did right away.  It’s good to take notes just in case you did implement something and wanted to go back and undo it, you knew how.  I usually keep these notes on my phone in the notes app. That way you know exactly where to find the info.

Hope you enjoy the video and leave any comments below that you would like share about your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.