Tips On How To Clean Your Ceiling Fan


Are you ready to have some ceiling fan fun? Yeah, me neither but lets talk about that dreaded friend that always come over and never leaves. Yes, Meet Mr. Dust! I’m going to share with you some tips on how to clean your ceiling fan….

I always say, I’m going to dust my ceiling fans weekly and clean them every 2-3 months. This usually is not the case even though that’s a good time frame. I remember to clean the ceiling fans when our allergies start acting up really bad. To be honest, I think I clean the ceiling fans about every 6-7 months and always forget to dust them weekly. Don’t judge me!!

There are many ways to clean a ceiling fan and many swear by the pillowcase over the blade method. I’m not a big fan of that method. I feel like it doesn’t get all the dust off the way I like. The big tall handle with a duster at the end is my least favorite tool. Every time I use that thing, the ceiling fan moves, the blades start to rotate and you can’t get a good grip to wipe off the dust.

Here is how I like to clean my ceiling fans! I just grab a bowl, a microfiber cloth and a little Fabuloso for that wonderful after smell.

*side note: I used a terry cloth wash rag when doing this post because I had no clue where the microfiber cloths are. I usually use a microfiber cloth because they are great for dusting. They’re electrostatically charged and they pull dust to them like a magnet. They don’t leave lint like paper towels do. *

If you’re tiny like me, I suggest adding a helper for this task. ¬†Today, my youngest son, Elijah is my helper/photographer.


Before you start cleaning your ceiling fans, make sure your ceiling fan is not on. You want to start from the top and work your way down. ¬†When cleaning around the motor area, be sure to not get any water inside. You want to make sure not to put any pressure on the blades so they won’t bend.


When cleaning the light shades, make sure to remove the light bulb then clean the outside and inside of the shade. You can remove the entire light shade off the ceiling fan, if you like, and deep clean the glass shade under warm soapy water.

I usually remove the light bulbs because I’m short and it’s just easier for me not to remove everything. Don’t forget to clean the long cord!


One down, two more to go!

Tiny Tip: Make sure to get your ducts professionally cleaned every 5 years or so. No matter how many times you dust your house, the dust stays in the ducts and comes right back. I highly recommend this if you have really bad allergies, just finished a major reno or moved into an older home.