Top 10 Companies for Coupons


We’re starting off the New Year with Coupons!! We all love to save some money and today I’m sharing with you my Top 10 companies for coupons….

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone is off to a great start for the 2016 year. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year then to save some money with coupons.  I was a HUGE coupon lady a few years back.  I did the whole 10 newspapers every week, cutting and sorting coupons into my binder, and shopping those amazing deals at several stores every Sunday.  It was very time consuming for me especially now that I have other things I’m working on.

Right now, I’m only using coupons that I receive from companies that I use on a regular basis.  I don’t stock up on items and store them in my garage anymore.  I purchase what I need that fits in my pantry at the time. I don’t purchase newspapers anymore but it’s still a great place to get coupons.

I’m going to share with you my Top 10 companies that I contact and ask them to please send me coupons in the mail. They usually send me a couple at a time and decent coupon amounts too.

#1 or you can contact their customer service care center at 1-800-255-5750

#2  or you can contact them at 1-866-462-9652

#3 or contact them at 1-877-conagra

#4 or contact them at 1-888-442-3722

#5 or contact them at 1-800-243-3737

#6 Olay 1-800-285-5170

#7 or contact them at 1-800-768-6287

#8 or contact them at 1-800-835-4523

#9 or contact them at 1-800-984-0989

#10 or contact them at 1-800-579-3663

Please note that some companies will not have coupons available when you call but will have the following month. It also helps when you call to praise their products. Maybe talk about one that you really love and use all the time. We all LOVE praise from time to time.  I know I do!

If you have some companies that you would like to share, please do so in the comment section below. I love reading your comments.