Updated: Kitchen Drawer Organization

kitchen drawer organization

Need help with your kitchen drawer organization!  I finally tamed mine and I love how it looks now…..

Kitchen Drawer Organization

The picture above was my utensil drawer that I could not get a handle on.  With 5 people going in and out of this drawer, several times a day, it would never stay organized.

Me being an organized junkie :) it was really driving me crazy. I really needed some type of kitchen drawer organization so off to Walmart I went.

Kitchen drawer organization

I found these drawer organizers from Rubbermaid. They are non-slip (inside and underneath) so that made me happy. The smaller organizers (size 3×9 in) were less then $4.00 each and the bigger one (size 6×15 in) was less then $6 each.  I chose the darker version because my kitchen is brown and black and I like everything to match.  They did have white and brown in this same design.

For the size of my kitchen drawer I only needed 3 larger ones (fits perfectly from front to back) and 4 smaller ones. I could of added another one but then the spoons wouldn’t of fit.

Walmart does not sell these bins online only in the store.  If you do not have a Walmart where you live then you can get the same ones from Amazon.

Rubbermaid FG1J2109BLA Interlock Drawer Organizer Bin, 6 by 15-Inch, Black
Rubbermaid FG1J2509BLA Interlock Drawer Organizer Bin, 3 by 9-Inch, Black

kitchen drawer organization

Here is the “After” picture :)

This makes me happy to see every time I open the kitchen utensils drawer now!

kitchen drawer organization

I did have to do a little purging after I took everything out of the drawer. You don’t realize how many items you have until you pull everything out and put them in like groups.

kitchen drawer organization

Purging is your friend!! I recommend it at least once a year 


The silverware was also in the same drawer but I decide to give it its own drawer.  A smaller drawer next to the stove is the perfect fit :)