Updated Pantry Organization 2015


I have an updated pantry organization 2015 post to share with you all this week! 


Here is a full view of my updated pantry organization.  My last pantry organization that I shared with all of you was in 2013.  I can’t believe how quickly that time went by. If you’re interested in that post, you can find it here Pantry organization 2013.  

Most of the organization is the same but I had to tweak a couple of things. The very top shelf is where I have my recipe books and binder (far right). I keep my must have Iced Tea and cereals in the middle and the white basket holds everything I need for coffee. We are not big coffee drinkers so this basket holds everything that my Mom would need to make coffee when she comes over. The basket holds the coffee maker, her favorite coffee, and filters. The basket was purchased from The Dollar Tree.

The shelves I have on the pantry door are the same as the last pantry organization. It holds tea, hot chocolate, juice packets like crystal light etc, my seasonings, and any little baking items that I have at the moment.


OK, Let me rave for a minute about these Martha Stewart containers.  I am absolutely in LOVE with these. I purchased them in three different sizes. The large ones hold my white rice, brown rice, pancake mix, and flour.  The medium sizes hold my bread crumbs, confectioners sugar, oatmeal, and sugar. The small one holds my brown sugar.  I need to go back and get a few more smaller ones. As you can see I have room for growth. I can add double the containers I have right now.

The large containers holds about a 5lb bag of rice. The medium ones hold about two full containers of bread crumbs. The small one holds about 3 lbs of brown sugar, give or take. They have a great seal that keeps the items inside fresh longer. My favorite thing about these containers are the one cup measuring cup that comes inside each one.  I can not tell you how much I love that feature. It’s so easy to just open the container knowing you don’t have to go digging for a measuring cup then have to clean it to use it again for something else.

These containers are quite affordable. The big ones run $12.99, medium size $10.99, small $8.99. The only place I could find these Martha Stewart containers were at Macy’s. If you’re interested in purchasing these you can check your local Macy’s department store or find them online here Martha Stewart containers.


I’m still loving my lazy susan (purchased at Walmart) and have these all over my home. They hold my bigger more bulkier items. I have my olive & extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, extra bottles of mayonnaise, ketchup, and pancake syrups.

I also purchased from Walmart this three tier shelf that holds all my can goods. The next shelf holds two larger baskets that holds “Snacks” and “Sides”.  The snack basket holds more snacks then I would like to admit. The sides basket holds items such as pastas, boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese, mixes packages of rice, noodles, etc.


This shelf holds items that need to be in a dark, dry place. The baskets were purchased from Marshall’s and they cost $7.99 each. They’re medium sized baskets because I usually purchase big bags of potatoes and onions. I also have a rubber liner that was purchased from Ikea to hold anything that may fall through the small openings of the baskets.  These rubber liners are a great idea if you have these type of shelves in your pantry.


On the floor, I have a large basket that holds “Paper Goods” inside. This is filled with paper plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and extra rolls of paper towels. On the sides of the basket I keep extra bottles of oils, water bottles, and sports drinks for the kids and their sports.

I hope you all enjoyed this updated pantry organization post.  I hope you can get some ideas or this motivates you to get your pantry organized. Just remember, when organizing any area of your home, it takes time to find the right items and organization style that works for your family.