Washi Tape Notepad Paper

Washi Tpae Notepad Paper


Ran out of your cute notepad paper? No worries! Make your own cute looking Washi Tape Notebook Paper :) ….One thing about me is, I have to have everything cute and fabulous looking. It just makes me happy looking at a decorated piece of paper over a plain boring one. Well, why not if it’s only costing me $1 to create. You can find really cute patterns at your local Dollar Tree store, Walmart, Target or office supply store. Depending on where you go, the price will be slightly higher.

My notepad had some water damage :( and I had to toss it in the trash. The weather was really terrible today (heavy rain, thunder & lightening) so I decided to plan out my To Do List for the weekend and jot down some new projects I wanted to tackle in the house. The list would have to hang around my office for a while so I decided to fancy up the pages a little with Washi Tape.

All you need is plain white copy paper (what I used) or loose leaf paper and the Washi Tape of your choice. Add the Washi Tape across the top and bottom of your paper and your done! Simple right? Took you all of 5 seconds to do this yet it looks so cute. My favorite colored pens at the moment are the Staedtler triplus fineliner pens. They have really cute colors and they don’t bleed.

This will be a cute idea if you have girls that like this type of stuff. They love everything girly looking to show to their friends.

Washi Tape Notepad Paper